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AddressHome TypeFloor PlanPrice
6 Explorers AveUphill B – End3 bed/3.5 bath$1,205,702
10 Explorers AveUphill A – Interior4 bed/3.5 bath Under Contract
14 Explorers AveUphill C – End3 bed/3.5 bathUnder Contract
19 Explorers AveDownhill C – End4 bed/4.5 bath $1,375,807
15 Explorers AveDownhill A - Interior3 bed/3.5 bath$1,063,727
9 Explorers Ave Downhill B – End3 bed/3.5 bath$1,218,950
12 Saddle Horn WayUphill B – End3 bed/3.5 bath$1,171,425
16 Saddle Horn WayUphill A – Interior4 bed/3.5 bath$1,074,649
20 Saddle Horn WayUphill C – End3 bed/3.5 bathUnder Contract
17 Saddle Horn WayDownhill C – End4 bed/4.5 bath Under Contract
15 Saddle Horn WayDownhill A - Interior3 bed/3.5 bath$1,050,865
9 Saddle Horn WayDownhill A - Interior3 bed/3.5 bath$1,049,305
7 Saddle Horn WayDownhill C – End4 bed/4.5 bath $1,352,715
20 Adventure AveUphill B – End3 bed/3.5 bath$1,199,986
24 Adventure Ave Uphill A – Interior 4 bed/3.5 bathUnder Contract
28 Adventure AveUphill A – Interior4 bed/3.5 bathUnder Contract
32 Adventure AveUphill A – Interior3 bed/3.5 bath$1,082,944
38 Adventure AveUphill C – End3 bed/3.5 bath Under Contract
134 Homestead LoopUphill C – End3 bed/3.5 bath$1,309,430
130 Homestead LoopUphill A – Interior4 bed/3.5 bathUnder Contract
123 Homestead LoopUphill B – End3 bed/3.5 bath$1,229,545
AddressHome TypeFloor PlanPrice
57 Overlook PlaceHummingbird4 Beds/3.5 Baths$2,489,035
40 Overlook PlaceBluebird3 Beds/3.5 Baths + Flex$2,050,060
31 Sunny Ridge LaneMeadowlark4 Beds/4.5 Baths + FlexUnder Contract
35 Sunny Ridge LaneBluebird3 Beds/3.5 Baths + Flex$2,200,745
71 Overlook PlaceOsprey4 Beds/3.5 Baths$2,744,725
83 Overlook PlaceHummingbird4 Beds/3.5 Baths$2,420,500
95 Overlook PlaceOsprey4 Beds/3.5 Baths$2,705,000
78 Overlook Place Meadowlark4 Beds/4.5 Baths + FlexUnder Contract
64 Overlook PlaceMeadowlark4 Beds/4.5 Baths + Flex$2,515,025
52 Overlook PlaceBluebird3 Beds/3.5 Baths + Flex$2,022,025
AddressHome TypeFloor PlanPrice
32 Sunny Ridge LaneNutcracker3 Beds/3.5 Baths$1,564,265
38 Sunny Ridge LaneKingfisher3 Beds/3.5 Baths$1,612,755
44 Sunny Ridge LaneNutcracker3 Beds/3.5 Baths$1,568,490
50 Sunny Ridge LaneKingfisher3 Beds/3.5 Baths$1,552,775
Site Plan

Site Plan

No matter where you decide to live at Rendezvous, there will always be plenty of open space to stretch out and breathe.

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