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Koelbel and Company was founded on an overriding goal best expressed in the words of my dad and our founder, the late Walt Koelbel:

“Never forget, under all lies the land… we must protect it and use it wisely.”
— Walt Koelbel

We never waiver from this principle, even as we constantly add new layers and dimensions to hone an age of technologies that honor the land while promoting healthy and improved lifestyles.

Koelbel and Company today proudly serves the 21st-century demands of a savvy new breed of homebuyers who demand smarts as well as style.

We are committed to fulfilling Coloradans’ real estate needs through in-touch, futuristic and caring land development concepts.

Welcoming the future,
Walter A. “Buz” Koelbel
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Walt, Buz, and Carl

Our History

In 1952, Walter A. Koelbel established Koelbel and Company. The founding coincided perfectly with the rise of automobiles and a massive expansion of highways across the nation. This gave way to a new era with more and more people escaping beyond city limits to experience the natural splendor around them.

Walter Koelbel’s gift for seeing possibilities led him to acquire multiple properties, barren plains at the time, along a highway that would eventually become what is the I-25 corridor today. Soon Walt had nurtured his business into a full-service land development company, launching a rich history of real estate excellence.

Koelbel and Company gained prominence with the planning of Pinehurst Country Club and Pinehurst Estates, its flagship property, several miles southwest of the city. Pinehurst laid the groundwork for Koelbel’s enduring philosophy of respecting the land by designing communities that honor distinguishing natural land features.

Now in its seventh decade, Koelbel and Company is the longest operating family-owned real estate development firm in the region with developments stretching from Vail and Winter Park to Louisville and Boulder, as well as across the Denver metro area.

The Rendezvous Foundation

As part of our continued dedication to the land on which we build, Koelbel and Company founded the Rendezvous Foundation in 2003. The Rendezvous Foundation supports community-based organizations in Grand County. Through charitable giving, we aim to bolster activities and programs that further the development, availability, and maintenance of the county and the recreational opportunities that surround us.

The Foundation’s endowment is funded by the continued sale of homes in Rendezvous and is put to use toward children’s education, historical preservation, community enhancement, promotion of the arts and culture, affordable housing, and education surrounding natural resources.

Since 2003, the Rendezvous Foundation has donated over $1,100,000 to causes across Grand County.

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