10 Point Checklist for Mental Fitness

October 20, 2016

Great athletes know that mental focus is as much a part of training and skill as physical prowess. Outdoor Fitness makes mental focus and acuity training a cornerstone of its program.

Just like our bodies get in a rut from inactivity or the same old gym routine, our minds also fall into unhealthful, limiting habits. We fall prey to the same emotional triggers, the same negative self-talk, the same distractions, day after day. Outdoor Fitness gives you a chance to transform your emotional landscape, and literally re-wire your brain. Deepening mental focus brings with it tremendous freedom. The power of the mind is vast to shape our lives, to enhance our health and well being, as well as to create success and achievement. Developing your mental focus and emotional control will bring your workout and sport performance to new levels. It also has the power to transform your life beyond the trail.

As you think about all of what goes into rewiring your brain for exercise, achieving Bodymind balance and health, use this checklist as a way to make sure you are tapping into all the ways to stay connected and boost your positive thoughts and emotions. If you’re hitting all the points, you’re hitting a perfect score: your Mental 10.

1—Mindfulness: Staying in the moment
2—Self Talk: Keeping self-talk positive. Letting go of negative thoughts
3—Concentration: Keeping your attention on your exercise/task, for the duration
4—Intensity: Performing a the level you need to so that you can gain the rewards you’re seeking
5—Relaxation: Exercising without tension or anxiety
6—Stress Relief: Exercising to eliminate stress, finding peace and tranquility
7—Emotional Balance: Observing and respecting your emotions as they arise. Letting them go so that you are not being controlled by them
8—Rabbit Trails: Avoiding negative thought patterns and identifying your “trigger thoughts” and emotions
9—Visualization: Imagining your best self
10—Reflection: Taking time to think about what you’re learning—self reflection is synonymous with personal growth

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