A Simple Breathing Exercise to Boost Your Energy Before A Workout

March 2, 2020

Spring is here and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather, some fresh air, and the brilliant colors popping in nature. Whether you are heading out for a simple stroll or a hardcore interval session, it’s important to give your body and brain a bit of a warmup—using your lungs.

When it comes to exercise, it’s important to remember that oxygen is a primary energy source for our body and brain. Breathing with intention will help increase and maintain your physical energy and help your brain to stay focused on the task at hand. What’s more, your breath is also one of the most primal connections you have to your environment (be sure to stop and smell the foliage).

Before you begin your outdoor jaunts do this simple deep-breathing exercise. It is designed to open your lungs to get fresh oxygen circulating throughout your entire body.

Exercise: The Warmup Breath
Take a deep breath in. Exhale slowly and completely out of your mouth, releasing air until there is nothing left to exhale. Repeat, breath in fully and exhale slowly and thoroughly. Repeat for a total of three-to-five deep breaths.

Did you notice that when you exhale completely, your body automatically takes in more air? Your lungs work like a vacuum, expanding to draw in the maximum amount of air. Often, we think of an exhale as the conclusion of breath, when in fact exhaling is the first step in preparing your body to receive a full, oxygen rich, diaphragmatic breath.

Breathing is a health & fitness mechanism!
Knowing that your body and brain use oxygen as an important fuel source, you can use this exercise anytime throughout the day to avoid feeling sluggish. Simply stop, take a deep breath in, then exhale out, ALL the way!

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