A Simple Exercise to Improve Your Posture

June 3, 2021

Question: Do you sit at a desk for hours at a time? Drive a lot? Feel like you slouch? It may be affecting your posture (and mood).

Answer: There is a simple and effective exercise that you can do to train yourself for better posture. This exercise is great for maintaining the natural “S” curve of your spine—what’s more—you can do it at your desk or behind the wheel.

The Exercise: Are you ready? Here it is—every half hour or so, simply sit on your hands. That’s right. Have a seat ON your hands. Or, if your driving, on your hand.

So right now, take a seat and slide the palms of your hands under your rear-end and your sit bones—the ischial tuberosities—those boney prominences of your pelvis, into your palms.

Why it Works: Sit bones are for sitting on. And what happens for many of us when we sit for long periods of time, is that our pelvis slides forward and we lose “neutral position”—that natural “S” curve—now becomes a slumping “C” in our back. Once you slide your pelvis, or your sit bones back, you’ll regain your good posture.

Question: So, how’s your posture?

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