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A simple recipe to Blast Fat Fast!

A SIMPLE Recipe to Blast Fat Fast!

Running or walking, intervals are a time efficient way to get lean!

Interval training is alternating periods of hard work with low-intensity recoveries. This type of training can help push you off a plateau—boosting aerobic fitness and burning a load of calories.

The Plan

Run with it. To blast your body into shedding fat, do this interval workout once or twice a week. Not a runner? See recommendations below.

The Workout

Cardio – Intervals
Find a hill, a set of steps or bleachers for this simple, yet effective calorie burning workout. If you don’t have hills, you can use the local track or pedestrian path.

Warm up (5-10 min.)
1. Cardio/RPE 6-7 (30-60 sec.)
• Walking Recovery (30-60 sec.)

2. Cardio/RPE 7-8 30-60 sec.
• Walking Recovery (30-60 sec.)

3. Cardio/RPE 8 (30-60 sec.)
• Recover 30-60 sec.

4. Cardio/RPE 8-9 (30-60 sec.)
• Recover (30-60 sec.)

5. Cardio/RPE 8-9 (30-60 sec.)
• Recover (30-60 sec.)

6. Cardio/RPE 8-9 (30-60 sec.)
• Recover 30-60 sec.

7. Cardio/RPE 7-8 30-60 sec.
• Recover (30-60 sec.)

8. Cardio/RPE 6-7 (30-60 sec.)
• Recover (30-60 sec.)

9. Cool down (5-10 min.)
• Flexibility

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