Balance is Fitness

March 30, 2019

Balance is the most overlooked component of fitness.

Balance may not seem like a big deal – until it does! Like the old saying, “you’ve got to use it, or you’ll lose it.” The good news is it’s never too late.

You see our bodies and mind are always growing. Just like a baby learning to walk, she might bump into something, fall, get back up, try again, and soon enough, succeed. That’s because she’s laying down new neuro-pathways, literally growing in her body and brain; and developing that harmony between muscle and mind.

Just like a child learning new skills, you too can hone your balance skills through exercise. Simple exercises like single leg dips or walking along the edge of a curb or log will work.

So remember, balance is an acquired skill. Keep it in your fitness routine along with strength, cardio and flexibility—and soon, you’ll own it.

Exercise: The Single-leg Dip
This is an excellent exercise for building proprioception and balance. It also does a great job at strengthening the ankle, knee, and hip joints. 

Starting Position: Stand on the flat ground. Take a deep breath to get quiet and centered. Find a focal point in the distance and stay focused on that point. Next, ground down through your left foot and draw your right foot forward, about 12-15 inches off the ground. Bring your hands together in the palm-to-palm position.

Action: Inhale as you bend your left knee, sinking down through your hips, and balancing through your foot and aligning the center of your knee with your second toe. Exhale up pressing through your big toe, little toe and heel.

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