Cardio for Weight Loss – Fact vs. Fiction

February 27, 2018

A new client told me today that she wants to only do aerobics because she wants to get toned and lose weight, FAST! I hear this SO often, and to be sure, it’s a MYTH!

Myth: Aerobics, like running is best if I want to get a tight, shapely body and lose weight.
Fact: To lose fat and change the shape and tone of your body, you must do resistance training.

Include Resistance
Walking and jogging is good. It’s better than sitting or doing nothing. However, to reshape and tone your body you MUST include resistance training.

Unless you’re skate skiing or Nordic skiing, the problem with and aerobics only routine is that a large proportion of your body misses out. Yes, you’re conditioning your heart and lungs. And you’ll lose weight. I call it “skinny fat.” You’ll be smaller, but you won’t have the shape, strength and overall tone. Resistance training gives you that. It also increases your metabolic rate—so you’ll burn more calories, all day long.

Resistance Training will build your shape:
• Defined shoulders that frame your body
• Strong arms and toned legs
• Defined abs
• Round rear
• Better posture

(Ladies: Don’t Worry! You will not get bulky—don’t have the hormones for that!)

How much resistance training should you do?
• 3x per week. Create a schedule like: M/W/F or T/TH/S
• Always plan your exercise training—Write it out—You’re more likely to do it and have greater success
• Alternate upper and lower body in the beginning, then add functional total body exercises like a walking lunge with upright row
• Perform 2-3 exercises per major muscle group. Major Muscle Groups are: chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves
• Lift to fatigue
• 12 – 15 reps each
• Rest 30-60 seconds between sets

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