Choosing Your Outdoor Workout

June 30, 2018

Aside from the type of environment you’re using, another factor in choosing your location is the type of workout you’re planning. Each of Outdoor Fitness’ three types of workouts—single site, multi site, and traveling—have characteristics that lend themselves to particular locations.

Get to know the 3 “Types” of Outdoor Fitness Sites

1. Single-site workouts
Single-site workouts are sessions that take place entirely in one spot. These workouts are convenient and efficient, perfect for days when you’re pressed for time or when you want to focus on muscular strength and endurance. Parks, playgrounds, near to steps or stairs, and hillsides are all good locations for single site workouts. Some single-site workouts are best executed on flat ground, and others adapt well to uneven terrain. To keep things interesting, think about choosing places—and times of day–that will provide you with lots of great visual stimulation to keep your mind engaged: the colors and textures of the park on a fall day, the beauty of a hillside at sunset, the city waking up on an early morning along the waterfront.

2. Multi-site workouts
Multi-site workouts are great for large parks, stadiums, long stretches of beach or shoreline, or a mountain trail loop. Full of cardiovascular and muscular conditioning, multi-site workouts offer flexibility and versatility. You choose a route and stop for exercises along the way, creating stations for your strength training mixed with blocks of cardio that transport you to from station to station. Your local schools have athletic fields with bleachers and tracks perfect for multi-site sessions. Find a path that winds around a pond, or create an out-and-back session along a river way. Use your imagination!

3. Traveling Workouts
Traveling workouts are full of adventure. In these workouts, you’ll plan to cover anywhere from 1-5 miles. You have so many choices with traveling workouts: you can take a long cardio session out to a site where you’ll perform your strength training exercises, or you can intersperse your exercises along the route. Some of the most scenic locations are also the best ones for traveling locations: large parks, lakeside paths, mountain trails. You’ll be working across different types of terrain, so it’s especially important to pay attention to the changes along your route.

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