Cross Training Sundays—Add cross training to your schedule to keep your body working hard and guessing

April 30, 2019

Cross training, the rotation of sport and fitness activities on different days, is the key to preventing overuse injuries—such as tendonitis—and keeping your training effective. By rotating athletic activities, you distribute the stress of exercise to different joints and muscle groups, rather than continually loading stress on one area.

Cross training also helps you avoid hitting a plateau in your training—this is when you go into “cruise control,” where you are mentally and physically flat. To keep training challenging, choose an activity that you don’t typically do during the week for a Sunday cross-training session. Try something completely new, such as inline skating, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, rock climbing, kayaking, or golf. Anything that you find enjoyable and that stimulates your muscles and your brain is a great cross-training exercise.

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