Diet and Exercise: The Real Reason We Want to Lose Weight

August 12, 2019

Good nutrition is an integral element of any healthy lifestyle. My approach to eating is (mostly) balanced, making the most of high-nutrient foods. It doesn’t take too much planning, and it keeps me satisfied and supports my outdoor workouts. It’s actually a way to eat with pleasure and variety through the seasons and the years.

So many of us begin a nutrition and fitness program because we want to “lose weight.” I don’t believe that is the best approach. I’ve seen over many years coaching clients that viewing food as a health deposit (sort of like a bank deposit) for future good health and body composition is a good strategy that soon becomes a lifestyle. Changing your body composition—losing fat and gaining muscle—is the true key to getting and staying trim, fit and healthy. As a trainer, I know that concern and confusion about diet are common for people especially in the beginning of their program. People start out frustrated, and usually feeling anxious and desperate to make changes. “I can’t fit into my clothes.” “I am fat!” “I want to look good for my wedding.” “I have my high school reunion coming up.”

Beneath all these reasons is the same, deeper motivation. We all want to feel good. These events simply act as the catalyst for change. People who start a nutrition program, especially Outdoor Fitness make a wonderful discovery: you can feel good and feel motivated, be lean, strong, healthy and vibrant all of time. You don’t have to crash diet for a special occasion, or feel nervous when you pull out your favorite pair of shorts at the beginning of summer. Changing your body composition and maintaining your healthy body—and yes, losing weight—is entirely possible, without feeling miserable and deprived. You just need the right information.

As part of a sound program, it’s important to learn to eat for better body composition. When you achieve—and maintain—a positive ratio between muscle and fat, your body will be strong and lean. You’ll have the energy to perform, and the ability to think and focus clearly. You’ll even out your blood sugar, and you’ll feel good all day—without the mood swings or the late-afternoon energy crash. You’ll look and feel healthy, fit and vibrant. Well-being will flow out of your pores. If your goal is to gain muscle and lose fat, or if you are on a maintenance program, check out these nutrition guidelines that will deliver results.

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