Distracted Eating and Weight Gain

February 22, 2019

Too often, we combine eating with distractions like reading, watching TV, and even while driving the car. Studies show that distracted eating can lead to double the calories consumed.

That’s because distractions at mealtime lead to loss of awareness and focus on the quality and quantity of the food we eat. What’s more, these studies report we don’t feel any fuller.

The solution?
Awareness is key. Know the pitfalls and avoid the food traps. Here are a few tried and true tips.

• Set up a few rules for yourself. For example, no eating in the car or while standing up.

• Create distraction free zones, like the kitchen. During mealtimes turn the television off, and keep books and newspapers off the table.

• Get familiar with the “Law of Least Effort”—which states the more convenient the food, the more we consume; like fast food versus healthy homemade.

Small behavioral changes can put you in the nutritional driver’s seat.

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