Easy Core Routine

Easy Core Routine – Downloadable Workout

September 30, 2017

Looking for a quick and easy core workout? Look no further!

Here’s a simple core routine to help you tone your abs and improve your posture, by strengthening the muscles that line your spine, called the erector spinae.

Tip – For Inspiration—Take it Outside!
The outdoors offers many options for performing core and abdominal work. For exercises that require lying down, use picnic tables, grassy areas, flat boulders, soft or firm sand; even concrete works (!) as long as it’s flat. You’ll find that doing your abdominal work outdoors not only feels better, it looks better, too! When was the last time you gazed up into a grove of trees, a blue sky with white puffy clouds—or felt the sunshine on your face as you performed your crunches? That changes everything—not only your abs, but also your attitude about them!

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