Feel-good Exercise

July 31, 2019

Where is the best feel-good place to exercise? The outdoors, of course! Studies show that just looking at nature, plants, trees and grass make us feel better. Research is mounting on the many benefits of moving and immersing ourselves in natural outdoor settings like parks, open space, forests and beaches. The positive physical, emotional and psychological health benefits include:

• Enhanced cognitive function, increased mental focus and performance
• Increased energy levels, balancing of hormones and neurotransmitters, enabling greater emotional equilibrium
• Strengthened immune system, reduction in healing time, and boosts stress response
• Improvements in cardiovascular health, bone health, and ability to reverse Type 2 Diabetes
• Perceived increases self confidence, positive body image, and motivation levels
• Reduction in the negative effects of Nature Deficit Disorder
• Changes body composition—reduction in fat and increase muscle—by recruiting more muscle fiber and actually burn more calories in less time

Spend some time outside
We don’t need to spend a lot of time exercising, but we do need to spend time outside. The EPA estimates that we spend more than 90% (many scientists argue this number is higher) of our time indoors, inside our homes, our offices, our cars – we rarely indulge in this connection.

The trails of Rendezvous are calling

Give yourself the gift of enjoyment, health and wellness. Hike the trails of Rendezvous, try one of the workout experiences and immerse yourself in the beauty, peace and tranquility of nature. While you’re getting fit, you’re also renewing a powerful personal connection to the natural world, one that will feed not just your body but also your soul.

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