Flat Abs in Minutes

FLAT ABS IN 2 Minutes!

January 1, 2018

Got your attention?

Hmm…Seems everywhere we look, magazines, websites, television, and even radio, the attention grabber is “flat abs,” followed by “…in a nano-second or less!”

Even fitness pros have gotten into the act, with ads like, “4 Weeks to Flat Abs.” Please!

We all know the only way to get flat abs is through intense nutritional monitoring and exercise. It’s not that easy to attain a lean “flat” midsection. It takes focus and intense work.

If you really want flat abs – listen up:

Step One
Take the focus OFF your abs. That’s right. Flat abs don’t start with crunches. They start in your head. For anyone wanting to get fit and fit looking, the focus must begin with health – the desire to be healthy. We’ve got to get our head straight before we can start compartmentalizing body parts. We’ve gotten it backwards.

Step Two
Know and understand your goals. What do you want? Flat abs? Okay. Now, ask yourself this question: Why do I want them?

You’ll probably find that it’s not about your abs at all. It’s about health, fitness, well being, and most of all – it’s about FEELING good. Flat abs are merely a symbol, a reflection of feeling good about ourselves, achieving balance, strength, discipline.

So the next time there’s an ad or a magazine touting “Flat Abs!,” just smile, take a nice deep breath, and keep moving along – toward YOUR health and fitness goals.

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