Good Moves – The One-armed Press

November 28, 2017

This exercise is a powerful arm, chest and shoulder strengthener. It isolates one side of your body at a time for independent arm strength, which also helps to correct muscular imbalances.

Works: Pectorals, deltoids, triceps
Props: Tree, fence, wall, back of bench or table

Starting Position: From a standing position, place one hand on the tree or fence at heart-height and lean into the tree with all your body weight allowing your heels to come off the ground. Step back to a distance that elongates your backside in a straight line from your heels to your head.

Action: Inhale and slowly lower until your chest is 3-5 inches away from your hand. Exhale as you press through your palm to the starting position. Repeat with the other arm.

Modification: None

Focal Points:
• Avoid a sagging spine by engaging the abdominals for support.
• For extra power, imagine that your breath blows you back up in position as you exhale up.

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