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How to Find Your “Target Heart Rate”

Cardiovascular Training – Using Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

RPE is a simple and effective method of monitoring your heart rate. It is a useful tool for monitoring the perceived level of muscular, cardiovascular and psychological fatigue. Whether used with or without a heart rate monitor, the RPE offers a correlation between your perception or “intuition” of your physical and mental output, and your actual heart rate.

Setting up an RPE during a workout
This simple RPE scale goes from 1 to 10—1 being a very weak (easy) effort, and 10 being maximum effort. The RPE scale can easily be used in correlation with the Heart Rate Training Zones.

Level of Exertion on a Scale from 1-10

1 Very light

2 Light

3 Moderate 

4 Somewhat strong 

5 Strong


7 Very strong Aerobic Zone


9 Very, Very strong Anaerobic Zone

10 Maximum exertion

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