Lower Body Exercise—The Diagonal Stride

March 2, 2020

What it works: Glutes, abductors, adductors, calves, balance

Props you can use: Inclines, ramps, hills, stairs
When it comes to the Diagonal Stride, think skater and stride diagonally from side to side up the incline. Be sure to get low to use your glutes and legs for this powerful exercise. Use your muscles, be deliberate, and don’t let momentum do the work here.

Starting Position: Facing up the incline of a hill or stairs, take a long step up the hill with your left foot, into a diagonal stride—with your right elbow forward and in line with your left knee.

Action: Lean into the hill, with your body weight evenly distributed between both feet. Slowly lower your hips until you can feel pressure under the heel and arch of your left foot and the big toe and ball of your right foot. Exhale as your press off the big toe and ball of your right foot to engage the adductors of the inner thigh. Step the feet together, and alternate with the other leg, using your arms to set the tempo and to assist you with power in your stride.

Harder: As you lift, move more quickly, brushing the lifted knee and ankle just past the support leg.

Focal Points:
• Face up hill
• Lead with your forward foot lead
• Move across your fall line in a zig-zag

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