Maintain Your Energy—Don’t skip Breakfast

June 30, 2019

If you skip breakfast, listen up. Skipping breakfast can cause you to slow down, and lead to excess fat on your body.

That’s because when you do finally get hungry around 12-1 o’clock, you may become ravenous and end up OVER eating, or even binging.

Studies show that most people feel best when they eat five to six times a day—three main meals and two small meals. That’s because it creates a metabolic reaction in the body—stokes the engine, and keeps it burning smoothly and evenly, all day long.

So, eat every few hours, and you will maintain lean muscle mass and burn excess fat. You’ll lose the cravings because you’ll maintain even blood sugar levels. Plus, you’ll have more energy to exercise and think more clearly!

Fitness Outdoors has the power to fix more than weight problems. A 10-year study of gallbladder patients found that those staying in rooms with views of trees and sky had shorter post-operative stays, took less painkiller medication and had fewer negative comments than those with windows facing brick walls. And that’s just LOOKING at the outdoors! So, just imagine what happens when we actually spend time outside!

Haven’t you noticed on the days when you feel cranky, that your mood is turned around after an outdoor stroll?

Science tells us that we are on the right track. Researchers have found that outdoor runners were less anxious and less depressed than those who used a treadmill.

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