Mental Focus and Wellbeing--The Thanksuary

Mental Focus and Wellbeing – The “Thanksuary”

January 8, 2019

We can’t accomplish our health and fitness goals by searching “out there” that’s because the answers are inside of you. You know what’s best for you, you always have. The key finding the answers is to get quiet, settle down and settle in and listen. Listen to your internal voice—your heart your soul and yes your body, too. Ask yourself empowering questions. Who do I want to be? What do I want to do with My life? How do I want to move in the world? How do I want to live my life? Listen to the answers. Pay attention.

Connect. The easiest and most inspiring places to do this are in nature. Nature is your safe place, your haven and your counselor. I call it my “Thanksuary” and connecting with the core of my core.

Thanksuary: The Core of Your Core

My hope for you is that your time in the outdoors is an adventure, and experience that is both invigorating and peaceful. With a little scouting, you’ll find many places where you can stimulate your body, draw power from your surroundings, as well as center and quiet your mind. You will enjoy not just a full-body experience, but a full-being experience: body, mind and soul.

I have found special quiet places in my neighborhood where I’ve connected deeply at various times, and whenever I return I can instantly get to that place: the Core of My Core. It’s a combination of familiarity, sensory affiliation, and emotional conditioning that takes me there. I call these special places my “Thanksuary.” I feel a deep feeling of gratitude. I’ve learned that feelings of thankfulness and gratitude are actually stress reducers. While engaged in thinking and feeling grateful, it is difficult—if not impossible—for our BodyMind to experience stress and anxiety. So today, and on any day when you are moved to, find your own Thanksuary and enjoy the connection with the core of your core.

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