Playground Workout – Take Your Kids and Workout

May 23, 2019

When it comes to parks and playgrounds, kids shouldn’t have all the fun—these areas are ideal locations to get a little Outdoor Fitness in.

What’s great for kids is also great for mom and dad—fresh air, sunshine, grass, combined with a little monkeying around is a great way for parents and kids to burn off some steam and get energized.

What’s more, when your kids see you having fun with exercise, they’ll learn through osmosis that exercise is fun, especially outdoors.

The key to exercising at the playground is to locate props that allow you to still keep an eye on your kid.


The Playground Circuit Ideas
Push ups
Triceps Dip
Monkey Bar Pull up
Hanging Monkey Bar Abdominal Curl
Single Leg Dip + Balance

Don’t worry if you must take breaks in between to tend to your child, just jump back in.
Burn a few more calories:
• Perform lunges in the sand-box. The sand creates greater resistance for legs and glutes.
• Push your child on the swing or merry-go-round.
• Climb the monkey bars or slide ladder and slide down.
• Play a game of four-square or tetherball

The key is that you are outdoors, active and enjoying time with you child.

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