Post Workout—The Full-body Stretch

August 1, 2018

Stretching is vital part of your cool down after your workout sessions. Download our full body stretch routine podcast.

Flexibility work at the end of your exercise routine will lengthen tight muscles, increase circulation, prevent injury, and remove waste from your system.
Here are a few additional tips to remember about stretching:

• Never stretch a cold muscle. Always warm up a minimum of 5 minutes prior to stretching.

• For best results, activate the Golgi Tendon Organ or GTO: Hold a stretch for five seconds, release for 5 seconds, and then execute the stretch again.

• Hold a stretch for 20–30 seconds or for a total of 3 diaphragmatic breaths.

• Inhale as to prepare for the stretch, exhale slowly to the count of 3 while lengthening the muscle.

• Outdoors, be well aligned and evenly balanced on uneven terrain.

• On chillier days, be sure to incorporate a longer warm up of say 10-15 minutes prior to stretching.

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