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Proper form and alignment

Proper Form & Alignment

For Outdoor Sports & Exercise – Get into Proper Starting Position

There are two basic positions—or stances—that you will rely on throughout all your Outdoor Sports & Fitness sessions: the Athletic Stance and the Split Stance. Both positions provide you with a broad base of support for all your Outdoor athletic moves, so you can work confidently and with full range of motion on any terrain.

The Athletic Stance
• Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, distributing your body weight evenly between both feet.
• Maintain a slight bend to your knees.
• Shoulders should be square, with your shoulder blades drawn slightly together to open your chest.
• Lightly lift your ribcage up to elongate your spine and to activate your abdominal wall for a little added support to your spine.

Tip: For added balance, keep your eyes focused forward, with your chin parallel to the ground.

The Split Stance
The Split Stance not only offers a strong base of support, it also helps to prevent low-back strain and enables you to work on the narrowest of trails with confidence.

• From the basic Athletic Stance, step back about 20-30 inches with one foot, bend both legs to create a firm base of support.
• Keep your hips squared with your shoulders, with your hip bones pointing forward.
• Maintain the alignment of your upper body by keeping your shoulders square, your ribs lifted and your abs taught.
• Distribute your weight evenly between the front heel and the rear toes.

Tip: To avoid low back strain, keep your back straight and bend slightly at the hips to tilt your upper body forward.

VIDEO:  Alignment, Breathing + Comfort

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