Winter Workouts

RTW Outdoor Fitness Winter Workout

February 20, 2017

Winter sports are a blast! They’re even more fun when you’re fit for the challenges of the terrain.

The following workout uses simple strength exercises that are incredibly effective—and efficient—because they demand that your body on and with the terrain. They are also great for mental focus and balance—the perfect complement for winter sports. Perform 12 repetitions or each exercise, working up to 25 (or one minute).

* PLEASE NOTE: The video clips are not showing appropriate clothing for a winter workout—but our companion article Winter Fitness: Adapting to the Elements has advice about winterizing your workout wardrobe.

Warm up: Joint Rotations; 5-10 min walk or jog
Station 1: Hill Squats;
Cardio: Walk or jog 3 minutes
Station 2: Hill Lunges
Cardio: Walk or jog 3 minutes
Station 3: Tree Stand—Lower Body
Cardio: Walk or jog 3 minutes
Station 4: Full Body Press
Cardio: Walk or jog 3 minutes
Station 5: Standing X-over Crunch
Cardio: Walk or Jog 3 minutes
Station 6: Balance & Proprioception
Repeat Circuit (optional)
Cool Down: Walk or very slow jog–-5-8 min; Stretch (See “The Four Basic Stretches)

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