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February 27, 2018

Tina’s conversation with the Dr. Nicholas Perricone—Author of the three #1 Best Sellers — The Perricone Promise, and The Perricone Prescription, and The Wrinkle Cure.

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Get the Glow
Time to get that summer glow going. No, not with a tan – through diet and exercise! To get started check out my interview with anti-aging expert Nicholas Perricone , MD, FACN, a board certified clinical and research dermatologist. Dr. Perricone is a pioneer in the field of Prevention of Aging and the regarded as the Father of the Inflammation Theory of Aging.

Wrinkles – The Inflammation Connection
After years of research Dr. Perricone arrived at the conclusion that cellular inflammation may be the underlying cause of wrinkles. According to Dr. Perricone, this inflammation is not the redness that is visible to the naked eye but rather microscopic irritation that takes place in your cells leading to cellular damage. He believes that this inflammation is responsible for skin-related problems like breakouts, wrinkles, and loss of firmness.

Fight Fat with Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Listen to the Podcast to Learn:
• What foods accelerate wrinkles and weight gain
• What foods eliminate wrinkles, fat and disease
• How to maintain youthful, toned skin on the face and body during weight loss

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For more tips from Dr. Perricone check out his blog site Daily Perricone.

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