The Standing “C” Crunch

August 22, 2016

Standing Core 
The following exercises effective tone your torso while you’re standing on flat ground. This is great for situations where you don’t have a spot to lie down. You can do these exercises anywhere. The key is keeping great form and mental focus.


The Standing “C” Crunch

Props: Flat ground

Repetitions: Perform 12-25, then repeat on the other leg.

Starting Position: Stand on flat ground, or if you’re on a slight incline, face up the slope of a hill. From the Athletic Stance, turn your body to the left, at an angle. Lengthen your body by extending your arms overhead and your right leg slightly behind you, toes down, heel up.

Action: Inhale, as you lengthen your arms and leg enough to feel a stretch in your abdominal wall. Exhale as you pull your elbows down and lift your right knee up. Your elbows and knee pass each other as you curl and contract your abdominal wall creating the letter “C”.

Tip: Technically, abdominal and core work can be done everyday. However, to prevent injuries, always do them at the END of your workout. Your abs and core are your stabilizers and you don’t want to burn them out before you’re done. To keep your routine fresh and your abs responding, mix it up! Include twisting and rotating work to sculpt you waist, too.

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