Tina’s Quick Tip

October 4, 2019

Why do I need to train both “slow twitch” and “fast twitch” muscle fibers?

Most people have an even ratio of fast to slow twitch muscle fibers. However, if you excel at long distance running, you probably have a greater ratio of slow twitch muscle fiber to fast twitch fibers. Conversely, if sprinting is your thing, you likely have a larger ratio of fast twitch muscle fiber.

Fast twitch muscles are harder to train and bring the greatest power for sports and outdoor activity. For total fitness, both fibers must be conditioned to maximize our ability to excel at sports or respond to life’s events—like running a 10k, skiing down a mogul field or chasing after dogs and kids.

Bottom line: For maximum results in your health and physical endeavors mix-it-up and train both types of muscle fiber.

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