Top Five Strategies for Eating Healthy when Eating Out

May 24, 2017

You don’t have to throw your health plan aside when you go to a restaurant. But you should know that restaurant food is often loaded up with fat, in the form of butter, oil, cheese and rich sauces. Fat, after all, is a flavor enhancer. It helps to have some strategies prepared ahead of time, before you head out to eat.

5 Strategies that Work
1. Know the menu and the venue. Check out the restaurant’s menu online ahead of time and plan exactly what you’ll eat. If you are headed to a party or event, find out what to expect. Often times, it’s best to eat a little something before heading out so that you won’t be tempted by the cheese and crackers.

2. Instead of an entrée, order from the salad or appetizer menu. Combine a couple of appetizers or a salad and an appetizer.

3. When ordering, look for these healthful food preparations: broiled, flame broiled, poached, blanched, grilled, roasted, smoked, or steamed. Ask for substitutions—these days kitchens are used to switching out heavy fattening sides for steamed vegetables.

4. On the other hand, avoid these signs of fatty, high calorie food: breaded, tempura, crispy, alfredo, béarnaise, beurre blanc, hollandaise, Parmagiana.

5. One of the biggest threats to healthful eating out is the buffet table, where it’s so easy to overdo. Choose the smallest plate and eat slowly. You’ll be satisfied with less than you think, and you’ll avoid making another trip to the line.

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