Trailside Wellness on the Bench Trail — Video Series

February 20, 2024

The Bench Trail is perfect for sports and fitness conditioning. You’ll have almost finished your warmup just getting to the trailhead! This video series focuses on using the natural landscape for some great full-body, all-terrain training. We’re focusing on strength but as always, we’re only using our body — no need to bring equipment out on the trail! Check out the videos to see both beginner and advanced versions of each exercise.

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Warming up with forward and reverse lunges.


Feel through your feet.


Working the inner and outer thigh muscles.


Let’s raise that heart rate with lateral movement.


Sumo squats to build power.


Leg strengthening with half-tuck hill squats.


Continuing to build cardio health with hill lunges.


A variation on pushups to incorporate glutes.


Triceps dips with an added core activation.


Almost done! Let’s work our core muscles.


Cross-over crunchers to finish out abdominals.


Stretching is an essential part of every workout.

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