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Trailside Wellness on the Hawk Trail — Video Series

February 20, 2024

In this video series that takes place on the Hawk Trail, we focus on toning our muscles and working on aerobics. A warmup helps to move and strengthen joints before we introduce the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) scale. These exercises focus on overall wellness and upping your stability and balance. The great thing about the Hawk Trail is the number of natural props like trees, rocks, and stumps, that lend themselves perfectly to these exercises.

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Warming up joints and body while working on posture.


Introduction to the RPE scale.


Using stumps on the trail to work balance and leg strength.


More stumps! This time we’re raising our heart rate.


The wide-legged squat, a great full-body exercise.


Pushing our RPE and taking in the terrain.


Using trees for the aptly named ‘tree stand’ exercise.


Raising our cardio through walking.


Lateral squat-and-lifts for legs and obliques.


Continuing the cardio!


Now let’s work on leg strength and balance.


Fallen logs are a great way to practice balance and awareness.


Focusing on our core muscles with a standing crunch.


Lateral presses for leg strength and cardio.


Walking and stretching it out to ensure full-body wellness and flexibility.

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