Turn Up the Heat on Your Cold Weather Workouts

December 22, 2016

Have you heard the saying, “There is no inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing?” While this may be a stretch in a lightning storm, for the most part it is true. Another thing that outdoor enthusiasts discover is that the weather is NEVER as bad as it may seem. Once you’re warmed up, you’ll forget it’s raining or snowing, and with the right clothes (and attitude, you’ll be warm).

Cold-Weather Cardio

Besides being a shock to the system, cold, arid air can dry out and irritate bronchial passages. But if you wear a scarf or facemask over your mouth and nose, heat and water will be trapped in the material every time you breathe out. A good thing, because then that moisture and heat are available to warm and humidify your next breath on the way in. And that’s much easier on your respiratory bits.

How to Avoid the Most Dangerous Part of a Winter Workout

Perhaps the most hazardous part of cold weather workout is post workout, when your body is cooling down. Problems with chilling can arise due to wet skin from perspiration, while the blood vessels in the skin continue to dilate to dissipate heat. It is potentially dangerous because this is when the body feels warm and most people don’t feel the need to bundle up. If you are not heading home right away, always have a change of clothing available. The effects of chilling from wet clothing and wet skin come on rapidly and are difficult to abate without a hot shower or bath.

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