Visualize your greatness!

March 30, 2019

Turns out we really do have the ability to affect our performance through our thoughts. Professional athletes understand that mental rehearsal and attitude account for 80% or more of their performance. They comprehend that “thoughts are things”, and the emotions we attach to those thoughts, have a physiological affect.

You see, when you visualize your goal, your mind and body seeks to accomplish that outcome. Sometimes you’ll actually feel your body twitching as you visualize yourself accomplishing the goal.

It’s easy. For example, if your wish is to workout and attain wellness, then each morning, take a moment to SEE yourself accomplishing your goal of exercise and eating well.

When it comes to accomplishing your goals, needs, wants and desires you have to know what you want first, and then see it happening—before you can actually move towards it.

So go ahead — visualize your greatness!

Tip: How to use visualization during exercise
First of all, feel your greatness—your strength, your confidence, your posture, grace and finesse. Now visualize that greatness: imagine what you look like, strong and sleek and flowing with your terrain. Step right into that vision. Become that vision. Observe how your posture improves, how you feel more focused, powerful and graceful. That is the power of mental imagery working for you!

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