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Walk this way - a Quick Workout

Walk This Way—A Quick Workout

Fast Walking is no wimpy workout, especially when your walk quickly, hit the hilss, or hike on trails. This low-impact workout tones your quads, glutes and core, boosts aerobic fitness, and zaps fat.

Walk moderately for three minutes, then run or jog for a minute. Continue this routine for the next 20 to 30 minutes. For more of a challenge, walk for two minutes and run or jog for a minute.

Want to work even harder? Alternate one minute of walking with one minute of jogging. Cool down by walking for at least five minutes at a slow pace.

Quick Tip – Use mailboxes or trees to mark your intervals. Whether you’re running or walking, maintain a normal pace to the first landmark. When you reach it, run or walk quickly to the next landmark. Continue alternating for 30 minutes.

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