What’s a simple exercise for better posture while sitting?

February 27, 2018

The advice your mother gave you to sit up straight still holds true. That’s because sitting up straight helps you maintain the naturally shaped “S-curve” in your spine versus the alternative, which is a “C-Curve” or being hunched over.

Posture Check – Exercise
Here is one of my favorite exercises to check my posture. It’s easy and you can do it just about anywhere – sitting at your desk or in the seat of your car.
• Start by slipping your hands under your behind.
• Using the palms of your hands, cup your sit bones.
• Notice what happens?
• Your pelvis slides back, and your back straightens up.

Why it Works
This exercise works because what happens for many of us when we sit too long is our pelvis slides forward, and we lose the natural “S-curve” in our back.

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