Winter Warm up + Core Strengthener

December 14, 2020

Getting warmed up for your favorite winter sport doesn’t have to be a time consuming exercise. In fact, you can do it right before you head out the door or just before strapping on your equipment.

A basic warm up can improve your performance and prevent injuries. That’s because you enhance neuromuscular control and muscular flexibility prior to engaging in your chosen activity.

Core is More!
A strong core and sense of center of gravity is paramount for good balance and injury prevention. The core refers to your torso, mainly your abdominals and the erectors of your lower back.
Think of your center of gravity and body-core as the hub of a wheel, from which your limbs spoke out with integrity to form the wheel. If the hub is weak, the limbs will falter.

Winter warm up
Begin by moving your joints through their natural range of motion. For example, rotate your ankles, hips, shoulders and wrists (in both directions); then move your knees and elbows out and back. Simply move each joint segment the way nature intended.

High Knees
Next, stand in a strong position—tall, shoulders square, chin up, and eyes forward.
• Engage your Core. Lift your ribs up and away from your hips, chest open.
• Extend your arms out in front of you.
• March in place. Alternate lifting your knees up and away in front of your body, making contact with your palms.
• Feel your lower abdominal wall contract and release as you lift and lower your knees.
• Breath fully.
• Continue for 20-30 seconds, then open your hips a bit more to the right and left. After 20-30 seconds, slowly bring your knees back to center, tapping your palms again.

Advanced: Add a second (or third) round with more vigorous hops in place for 20-30 seconds. Alternating knees forward.

When you move your body as one cohesive unit with all your parts working in unison, you can limber up, strengthen your center, and prevent injuries.

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