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Bench Trail

Sports & Fitness – All-terrain & multi-directional training.

Post 1a

Forward & Reverse Lunges –
Warm-up, legs, hips, balance

Post 1b

Warm-up Walk –
“Feel through your feet”

Post 2a

Lateral Movement Warm-up –
Inner/outer thighs

Post 2b

Lateral Press –
Inner/outer thighs, hips, core, cardio

Post 3a

Split Squat –
Independent leg strength, glutes, core, balance

Post 3b

Walking Lunges –
Lower body strength, balance, cardio

Post 4a

Sumo Squats –
Inner/outer thighs, hips, shoulders, core, balance

Post 4b

Traveling Sumo Squats –
Thighs, hips, shoulders, core, balance, cardio

Post 5a

Half-tuck Hill Squat
Independent leg strength, proprioception

Post 5b

Hill Lunges
Cardio, lower body strength & power

Post 6a

Chest, shoulders, arms, core

Post 6b

Triceps Dip
Shoulders, arms, quadriceps, core

Post 7a

Standing Oblique Crunch
Obliques, hips

Post 7b

Standing X-over Crunch
Core, glutes, balance

Post 8


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