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Chickadee Trail

Naturalist Experience – Honoring the body, mind, and environment.

Post 1

Warm Up – Ankle Rotations
Walk Focus – Awaken your senses. Start by tapping into what you hear and the various sounds of nature around you (Aspens, breeze, birds, and your own footsteps).

Post 2

Single-Leg Proprioception –
Eyes Open, Eyes closed

Walk focus – feel through your feet – underfoot sensitivity & connection

Post 3

Reverse Lunge –
Balance, Hiking Muscles of the Quadriceps

Walk focus – visuals – colors, textures, “see the beauty!”

Post 4

Bench – Mental & Visual Focus –
“Maglite Technique”

Walk focus – macro/micro focus

Post 5

Walk Focus – Putting it All Together –
Environmental Integration

Sensory awareness

Koelbel Koelbel