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Hawk Trail

Health & Wellness – Total body conditioning.

Post 1a

Warm up –
High knees, posture, core

Post 1b

RPE Scale Introduction
Level 5

Post 2a

Single leg dip. Independent leg strength, joint strength, balance

Post 2b

Cardio, legs, glutes, balance; Walk Focus –
RPE 6-7

Post 3a

Wide-Legged Squat
Posture, core, glutes, legs, shoulders, upper back

Post 3b

Walk Focus

Post 4a

Tree Stand
Balance, core, glutes, hamstrings, mental focus

Post 4b

Walk Focus
RPE – 7.5-8

Post 5a

Lateral Squat & Lift
Inner / outer thighs, hips, glutes, obliques, balance

Post 5b

Walk Focus
RPE – 7.5-8

Post 6a

Split Squat
Independent leg strength and toning, balance

Post 6b

Tight-Rope Log Walk
Balance, kinesthetic & proprioceptive awareness; walk focus – RPE 7.5-8

Post 7a

Standing “C” Crunch
Core, hip flexors, balance

Post 7b

Lateral Press
Inner/outer thighs, hips, glutes, cardio; walk focus – RPE 7.5-8

Post 8

Four Basic Stretches

Koelbel Koelbel