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Mary’s Pond Fishing Rules

Fishing and Pond Use Rules:

  1. Fishing is limited to Rendezvous residents and their guests only. Renters are not allowed to fish in Mary’s Pond.
  2. Fishing guests per resident are limited to 4 per day. Residents wanting to have more than 4 guests on any given day must get approval from Owen Stanford at the Rendezvous Office, prior to that day.
  3. Residents must accompany their guests who are fishing. Too many “guests” have turned out to be just casual acquaintances who were told “go ahead and fish the Pond and if anyone asks, tell them you’re my guest”. This invariably leads to the guests inviting their own guests, and often results in stringers of fish being taken.
  4. Please help police the Pond and if you see someone you don’t recognize, introduce yourself as a fellow homeowner and politely ask where in Rendezvous they live. To report violations or problems, please call the Rendezvous office at 970-726-4500, or Owen’s cell at 970-390-3275, or the police department at 970-722-7779, or 911. Avoid personal confrontations.
  5. Fishing is catch and release. This is usually not an issue with fly fishermen, but many of our residents fish with their kids and use bait, which is encouraged. If a landed fish can be returned to the water unhurt and active, do so. If the fish obviously will not make it, our residents are encouraged to take the fish home and eat them.
  6. Please use barbless hooks or use a pair of pliers to crush the barb, and return fish to the water immediately after a quick picture, which will help to insure the fish survives. Forward those trophy pictures to hcox@koelbelco.com for possible inclusion into Rendezvous newsletters and websites.
  7. Keep our pond area clean. Please pack out all garbage and waste.
  8. The fire pit is also for use by our residents. Please notify Owen of any planned event with a large number of attendees prior to the event. Wood is oftentimes leftover at the pit, or can be purchased at local stores.
  9. Please keep close watch over your kids while near the fire pit and pond.
  10. All fishermen, 16 years and older, are required to have a State of Colorado fishing license.
  11. We are currently working with our insurance company to allow use of non-motorized floatation devises like paddleboards, kayaks, etc. We’ll alert homeowners of the insurance company’s decision.
  12. Owner/Developer reserves the right to host special events and restrict fishing by residents.
  13. Owner/Developer reserves the right to determine and enforce rules of conduct and behavior.
  14. Owner/Developer reserves the right to modify, change or add rules and regulations at any time without notice.
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