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The Rendezvous Trailside Wellness Program

We’ve partnered with Tina Vindum, founder of Outdoor Fitness, to bring the Rendezvous Trailside Wellness Program to life.

A holistic approach to better health, Rendezvous Trailside Wellness embraces the therapeutic properties of the great outdoors.

Rendezvous is the best place to hang up your keys so you can get outside and play. The Rendezvous trails offer you the chance to spark your curiosity and build your physical strength. Head out slowly to explore the multitude of natural wonders. You can also ride fast and challenge yourself on the countless miles of single-track trails. Or you can “pound the trail” with our Rendezvous Wellness Program offering an outdoor course for physical and cardiovascular training.

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Program Benefits

At Rendezvous, we believe that nature is a powerful – if not the most powerful – contributor to overall health and wellbeing.  Check out all the program benefits.

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One of the main reasons I chose to live in Rendezvous is the access to the amazing trail system! My family & I (including my dogs) use the trails daily. You can hike, bike, or cross country ski for miles as the trails connect to National Forest trails as well. Rendezvous does a great job of maintaining the trail system and has also been expanding their trails throughout the neighborhood.

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Rendezvous Wellness Blog

Get inspired to be a healthier you with outdoor workouts, exercises and nutrition tips from Tina Vindum.

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