Lateral Leg Exercises Work More Than Legs

Life is NOT a linear event! For better results – mix it up. The simple truth about fitness is this: Exercise that is done in an outdoor location that includes hilly or mountainous trails will better your performance. By utilizing a variety of terrain, you will learn a new degree of body awareness and train … Read More

Fat Burning Begins with a Warm-up

A proper Warm Up is perhaps the most important part of your workout!
 Every workout should begin with a 5-10 minute warm up. A warm-up is your time to limber up your body—and your mind—in preparation for the workout to come. A warm up can be a simple as a walk or a jog. My … Read More

The Standing “C” Crunch

Standing Core 
The following exercises effective tone your torso while you’re standing on flat ground. This is great for situations where you don’t have a spot to lie down. You can do these exercises anywhere. The key is keeping great form and mental focus.
 The Standing “C” Crunch
 Props: Flat ground
 Repetitions: Perform … Read More

How to Find Your “Target Heart Rate”

Cardiovascular Training – Using Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

 RPE is a simple and effective method of monitoring your heart rate. It is a useful tool for monitoring the perceived level of muscular, cardiovascular and psychological fatigue. Whether used with or without a heart rate monitor, the RPE offers a correlation between your perception or … Read More

The Single-leg Dip

An excellent exercise for building proprioception and balance. It also does a great job at strengthening the ankle, knee, and hip joints.
 Works: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Glutes, Joint Stability, Proprioception, Balance Props: Flat Ground Starting Position: Stand on the flat ground. Take a deep breath to get quiet and centered. Find a focal point in the … Read More

How Clean is the Air You’re Breathing?

Air Quality and Exercise Particulate Matter and Air Quality
 Particulate matter is a broad term used to describe solid particles sometimes found in the air. These particles are coarse in nature and some can even be seen with the naked eye, like dust particles or soot. The particles may come from cars and trucks that … Read More

Get More Out of Your Trail-time Using “Environmental Integration”

One of the great benefits of exercising outside is the experience of connecting to the natural world around you. This process of connecting mentally and physically to nature is what I call “Environmental Integration”. Awareness of your environment keeps you safe on the trail; it also promotes a feeling of “oneness” with the natural world … Read More

Gearing up for Outdoor Fitness on the trails at Rendezvous

So what do you need for an a successful trail experience? Very little! The number one piece of equipment is a good fitting pair of shoes. One of the greatest perks of Outdoor Fitness is that it doesn’t require extensive equipment. All that is truly necessary is a good fitting, functional pair of shoes. Having … Read More

Proprioception – The Ultimate in Injury Prevention

Think about your hands. They’re remarkable, aren’t they? Think about all that you do with your hands in a single hour of a single day. Your hands react instinctively, with great precision, to hundreds of tasks and actions in the span of a single hour. Your proprioceptive awareness is best demonstrated in your hands. Proprioceptive … Read More

Get Outdoors!

Hey, is that you sweating up a storm on the treadmill? That’s fine if you just want to keep the pounds off and maintain an average level of fitness, but if you want to get truly fit and kick butt at your favorite sports, you’ll need more. Athletic training, serious athletic training—requires rigorous and disciplined … Read More

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