Pandemic Weight Gain—Walk it off

There’s a lot of chatter about “Quarantine 15” and the weight many have gained during the pandemic and sheltering in place. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’re not alone. WebMD surveyed over 1000 readers and found that 22% of men and 47% of women had gained weight due to COVID restrictions. In many … Read More

Winter Sports-specific Stretches

Winter sports recruit mostly leg muscles and incorporating sport-specific stretches will help you help you maintain flexibility and prevent injuries. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends the following guidelines: • Perform stretches a minimum of 3 days per week. • Warm up for 3-5 minutes prior to stretching. • Static stretches should be held … Read More

Alleviate Stress & Improve Wellbeing—Get Outside!

Research has shown that our environment contributes upwards of 70% in the battle to reduce stress and reducing stress hormone levels in the body. Studies show that spending time outdoors in the company of greenery and the natural world can reduce psychological stress and biophysical markers, i.e., cortisol levels. Which is important because the presence … Read More

Boosting Immunity with Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble nutrient that has been used for good health and protection against respiratory infections for over eighty years. Recent studies suggest that vitamin D supplementation may have a protective effect against viruses and COVID-19. The studies show that coronavirus patients who are vitamin D deficient are more likely to suffer … Read More

Seated Hamstring Stretch

For many years this stretch was called the “hurdler’s stretch” because one leg was bent at the knee with the foot positioned behind, away from the body. It was found to put too much strain on the knee and deemed “contraindicated.” The modern version is still called the hurdler stretch, but the difference is the … Read More

Staying Covid-safe on the slopes—What you can do

The act of skiing and boarding keeps people naturally distanced, yet, there are situations when you’ll want to take extra precautions. While most resorts are requiring reservations to ensure lower volumes of skiers and boarders on the mountain, there may still be clogging in lift lines, lodges and food spots. Keep practicing the three W’s(!): … Read More

Winter Warm up + Core Strengthener

Getting warmed up for your favorite winter sport doesn’t have to be a time consuming exercise. In fact, you can do it right before you head out the door or just before strapping on your equipment. A basic warm up can improve your performance and prevent injuries. That’s because you enhance neuromuscular control and muscular … Read More

National Healthy Skin Month

November is National Healthy Skin Month and a good time to assess the condition of your skin. As the seasons change, so does your skin. Here are skin care tips from the American Academy of Dermatology. Know your skin type. Select products formulated for your type of skin: • Sensitive—some formulations may burn or sting … Read More

Persimmons—The Seasonal Superfood

It’s persimmon season—the perfect time to embrace this ancient fruit for its versatility and health benefits. Originally from China, this beautifully orange-hued fruit is packed with flavor (think apricot and honey) and nutrient dense. Just be sure to find them while you can. Persimmon season is from October through January. Persimmons can be consumed fresh, … Read More

Interval Training for Winter Sports

It’s that time of year again and winter snow sports are just around the corner. Here is a simple training program that you can do to prepare your body to be quick and agile and avoid injuries on those slick surfaces. It’s About Connection—Muscles + Mind The goal with pre-season training is to train your … Read More

Autumn Focus Exercise: Lower Back Strengthener

Many people think that abdominal work is enough to help support their backs. Not true. You also need to work the opposing muscle group—the erectors that line the spine to improve posture and prevent back injuries. I call these two back exercises “Aqua” due to the fact that you perform them in the prone position, … Read More

What is Motivation and How Do You Get it?

In talking to friends lately, there’s a lot of talk about motivation, or a lack thereof. It’s not surprising. Especially during this time of COVID 19 and the pandemic. What’s surprising is collectively they shared symptoms of mild to severe stress, with lack of interest in work, exercise, eating well, and being social. Pandemic Fatigue … Read More

The Best Thing You Can Do to Cope with Pandemic Fatigue

As we continue living with the pandemic and head into the colder months of fall and winter, it’s more important than ever to stay active for our health and wellbeing. That’s because there is strong evidence that shows physical activity reduces the risk of many diseases and even depression. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated … Read More

Trail Bounding–Dryland Training for Winter Sports

Why spend time in a gym when everything you need for pre-season downhill snow sports is right outside your door. It’s called Trail Bounding. Pumping iron and sweating on gym equipment may be a fine fitness routine for many, but mountain athletes need more than strong quads and a steady heart. A good off-season training … Read More

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