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What is BodyMind and how can it improve your health?

BodyMind is seen as the integrated relationship between the body and the mind. Here’s some news that might surprise you: the BodyMind connection is not a mystical, otherworldly, nebulous thing. It really exists—and you don’t need to be a yogi to access it! There is now scientific evidence to support a centuries-old philosophy: that the … Read More

How’s your diet?

Do you opt for fresh over processed foods? You may be surprised to find out that eating well has nothing to do with time commitment. It really has to do with choice. Deciding to eat healthy, fresh food and having a plan of action to follow through. What’s more, it’s important to understand what’s really … Read More

Visualize your greatness!

Turns out we really do have the ability to affect our performance through our thoughts. Professional athletes understand that mental rehearsal and attitude account for 80% or more of their performance. They comprehend that “thoughts are things”, and the emotions we attach to those thoughts, have a physiological affect. You see, when you visualize your … Read More

Balance is Fitness

Balance is the most overlooked component of fitness. Balance may not seem like a big deal – until it does! Like the old saying, “you’ve got to use it, or you’ll lose it.” The good news is it’s never too late. You see our bodies and mind are always growing. Just like a baby learning … Read More

Protect Your Hearing – Listen up!

Headphones can inspire you to perspire—but studies show it may bring about hearing impairment. Wearing ear buds and headphones have the ability to cause damage to your ears just as other loud noises can. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the amount of time spent using headphones is as important as how loud … Read More

Exercise and Brain Health

Did you know that engaging in moderate physical activity for approximately 150 minutes per week could significantly lower your risk of developing dementia and lower your chance of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s true. Not only does regular exercise cut the risk of dementia, it might also help to delay progression of the condition in people … Read More

How healthy are you?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), good health and well-being has 3 components: 1. Physical Health 2. Mental Health 3. Social Health You may be surprised to learn that being socially active is a large part of optimal health and wellbeing. Studies show an active social life can lower blood pressure, reduce risk of … Read More

Did you know that certain foods can boost your immunity?

It’s true. Experts say that by just eating a diet rich in fruits & vegetables and low in fat and sugar, can actually help ward off illness. That’s because poor nutrition can lead to an inflammatory response—weakening the immune system. Here are six foods that can help strengthen your immune system: • Yogurt—with its healthy … Read More

Distracted Eating and Weight Gain

Too often, we combine eating with distractions like reading, watching TV, and even while driving the car. Studies show that distracted eating can lead to double the calories consumed. That’s because distractions at mealtime lead to loss of awareness and focus on the quality and quantity of the food we eat. What’s more, these studies … Read More

How Often Should I Eat?

Studies show that eating every few hours helps to manage hunger and over eating. For example, eating five times a day—three meals and two snacks—can be effective in maintaining or losing weight. That’s because you’re creating a metabolic reaction in your body that “stokes” the engine. Several studies have also shown that people who snack … Read More

My Workout Weapon of Choice

I just got back to my desk after slipping out for an hour of fun and adventurous butt-kicking (my own). Whenever I have had a little too much fun or strayed away from my healthy lifestyle, I don’t fret about it, I take care of it right away (really, I do!). So this morning, after … Read More

Nutrition and Weight-loss – Quick Tip

Trying to cut out white foods like rice, pasta, and bread? You can use these products as substitutes. Pasta and Rice. A good substitute for pasta is a product on the market called “Shiratake” a Japanese noodle made of soluble plant fiber and soy. They are low in calories, carbohydrates and come in a variety … Read More

Traveling – Tips to help you stay motivated and fit on the road

The key is preparation and planning ahead of your departure. • Exercise beforehand. If you are traveling over several time zones, get some exercise in before your flight. Even a 20 minute aerobic session can do wonders to help you relax on your lengthy journey. • Plan your workouts before you leave. Call the hotel … Read More

Flexibility – Your secret weapon – The Golgi Tendon Organ

Muscles and their connective tissues are protected by a sensory organ known as the Golgi tendon organ (GTO), located in the junctions of muscles and their tendons. The GTO responds to increased muscle tension or contraction exerted on the tendon, by inhibiting further muscle contraction. When a muscle is stretched or pulled, this natural protective … Read More

Mental Focus and Wellbeing – The “Thanksuary”

We can’t accomplish our health and fitness goals by searching “out there” that’s because the answers are inside of you. You know what’s best for you, you always have. The key finding the answers is to get quiet, settle down and settle in and listen. Listen to your internal voice—your heart your soul and yes … Read More

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