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Post Workout—The Full-body Stretch

Stretching is vital part of your cool down after your workout sessions. Download our full body stretch routine podcast. Flexibility work at the end of your exercise routine will lengthen tight muscles, increase circulation, prevent injury, and remove waste from your system.     Here are a few additional tips to remember about stretching: • … Read More

Quick Workout – Full Body Bench Workout

Tone your entire body in as little as 10 minutes! Equipment Needed The only thing you need to complete this workout is a bench, log or sturdy stump. That’s it! This total body session targets all of your major muscle groups. It will also get your heart pumping. You’ll walk away from this workout fully … Read More

The “TVA Abdominal Flattener”

Outdoor Fitness clients swear by this exercise. TVA stands for the main muscle you are targeting: the transverse abdominus. The beauty of this abdominal muscle is it lies deep within the core muscles. It’s a “stability” muscle, which if it’s trained efficiently, can and will flatten that dreaded “pooch” that happens after pregnancy or through … Read More

Baby in a Stroller: Small steps lead to BIG changes

How to exercise outdoors with your baby Unfortunately, studies show that fitness and motherhood do not go hand-in-hand—finding time to exercise is the challenge most new parents face. Studies also show that exercising with a baby stroller is an effective way to get exercise and lose the baby fat. Burn More Calories! Pushing a stroller … Read More

Post Workout—The Four Basic Stretches (Video)

The perfect post outdoor workout stretching exercises! Working in the great outdoors requires multi-directional movement—up, down, laterally, diagonally, and sometimes even backwards. At the end of your workout, walk it out until your heart rate returns to normal and your legs and muscles feel relaxed (about 1-3 minutes). Find a prop to use as a … Read More

Choosing Your Outdoor Workout

Aside from the type of environment you’re using, another factor in choosing your location is the type of workout you’re planning. Each of Outdoor Fitness’ three types of workouts—single site, multi site, and traveling—have characteristics that lend themselves to particular locations. Get to know the 3 “Types” of Outdoor Fitness Sites 1. Single-site workouts Single-site … Read More

Where to Workout – Choosing Outdoor Locations

Scouting Locations Choosing locations for your workouts can be a lot of fun. Whether you live in town or out in the country, once you start looking at your environment as a place of opportunity for exercise, so many possibilities come to life! Different environments all have locations and types of props that lend themselves … Read More

Outdoor Fitness Podcast — 7-minute “Looking up” Core Routine

Here is a simple, yet effective core routine for your abdominals and the erector muscles of your low back. The workout is only 7 minutes in length and you can do the exercises on any flat surface—grass, picnic table, and sand. Even concrete will work! These ab exercises are always more enjoyable when your outdoors … Read More

Tap into the Power of Healthy Eating! – Downloadable Podcast

Confused about the foods you should eat – organic vs. non-organic, sports drinks vs. water, “light” foods vs. regular foods? If so, you’re not alone. What’s the best way to eat for health and fitness? Find out when you listen to Tina’s interview with one of the nation’s foremost experts on nutrition, weight loss and … Read More

Upper Body Trail Exercises for Hikers and Trail Runners

It’s true. Hikers and trail runners can get “high and tight” and I’m NOT talking haircuts! The act of climbing hills and steps literally sculpts your lower body, quickly. They’re of the best exercises I know for that. When coupled with outdoor terrain and scenery, it often doesn’t feel like exercise. The one thing hikers … Read More

Hill Lunges – A More Effective Lunge

Lunges are an excellent exercise for toning the glutes and legs. To get even more out of them move your lunges to a hillside or up a set of steps. You’ll get a lot done in a little time—strength and cardiovascular conditioning, as well as balance and coordination. A More Effective Lunge The reason why … Read More

Spring Clean Your Diet – Simple Rules to Eat By

Eating well is simple. It all begins with quality food. Click the icon to download and print the “Good Food” list. Make a List & Keep it Simple Simple, whole foods are your ticket to a great body, inside and out. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can be found in abundance wherever you live, and … Read More

Happiness – How to Experience it Every Day

Learn how your thoughts and actions can lead to greater happiness in your daily life and beyond. Happiness! What makes you happy? Did you know there is evolving research taking place in an area known as Positive Psychology? Turns out we all have much greater control of our happiness then previously thought! Check out my … Read More

Walk This Way—A Quick Workout

Fast Walking is no wimpy workout, especially when your walk quickly, hit the hilss, or hike on trails. This low-impact workout tones your quads, glutes and core, boosts aerobic fitness, and zaps fat. Walk moderately for three minutes, then run or jog for a minute. Continue this routine for the next 20 to 30 minutes. … Read More

A SIMPLE Recipe to Blast Fat Fast!

Running or walking, intervals are a time efficient way to get lean! Interval training is alternating periods of hard work with low-intensity recoveries. This type of training can help push you off a plateau—boosting aerobic fitness and burning a load of calories. The Plan Run with it. To blast your body into shedding fat, do … Read More

Make Your Workouts Easier and More Effective with a Warm up

If you start every workout with a warm up for your body and mind – you will find that your workouts become easier, more enjoyable AND you’ll take your fitness to a new level. Every workout should begin with a five- to ten-minute warm-up. A warm-up is your time to limber up your body—and your … Read More

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