Program Benefits


Outdoor Fitness isn’t only about inspiration: it’s also about results. The Outdoor Fitness program:

  • Changes body composition, so that you lose fat and increase muscle and become leaner and lighter
  • Enhances cognitive function, increasing mental focus and performance
  • Increases energy level, balances hormones and neurotransmitters and enables greater emotional equilibrium
  • Significantly increases self-confidence, positive body image, and motivation level
  • Strengthens the immune system, reduces healing time
  • Boosts stress response
  • Improves the cardiovascular system, shores up bone health, and can reverse Type 2 Diabetes
Beautiful snowy scene if a forest.

Just like you can become addicted to the high a drug can give, your body – and mind – can get hooked on how full of energy, happiness, and even joy you experience doing the Outdoor Fitness program.

The Power of Nature

Let nature be your inspiration, guide, and coach Americans spend greater than 93% of their time indoors – despite the mounting research showing the profound effect that fresh air, plants, trees and natural outdoor elements have on our health and well being.

The Outdoor Fitness program is based on our core belief that nature is perhaps the most powerful source for personal health and fitness. When you exercise in the fresh air, you not only enhance your physical-mental-emotional condition, you also deepen the connection you have with the environment. It’s easy to overlook, since most of us spend so much time indoors, but you and I, like all human beings, have a deep connection to the natural world. Instinctively you know this to be true. This connection to nature is what is called the biophilia effect.

The concept of biophilia, which literally means “love of life,” was first hypothesized by Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson. Wilson theorized that human beings have an intrinsic and emotional affiliation to other living things. Simply, we are drawn to other life. This is a deep, genetic affinity, rooted in our DNA, the vestige of what was, for early humans, a key to survival. The bond to nature’s many forms of life that we carry inside us is that primal, and that powerful.

We all have an inherent connection to nature, and the Outdoor Fitness program shows you how to access and reap the many proven benefits from it.

Man checking his watch during a run in the mountains.

Training Programs

The Rendezvous Trailside Wellness program offers fun and effective experiences that embrace therapeutic properties of the outdoors, enabling you to connect with yourself, the community, and the environment.

Experiences include:

  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Total Body Strength & Toning
  • Balance & Agility
  • Flexibility
  • Stress Reduction
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