Keeping up with Safer Food Choices—A Shopper’s Guide

Pesticide residue and unwanted chemicals in our food system is making headlines around the globe. The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a not-for-profit alliance offers an annual shopper’s guide to pesticides in produce. The report includes the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” lists that include the top fruits and vegetables found to have the highest and … Read More

Diet and Exercise: The Real Reason We Want to Lose Weight

Good nutrition is an integral element of any healthy lifestyle. My approach to eating is (mostly) balanced, making the most of high-nutrient foods. It doesn’t take too much planning, and it keeps me satisfied and supports my outdoor workouts. It’s actually a way to eat with pleasure and variety through the seasons and the years. … Read More

Take it Outside for better health

Small steps lead to BIG changes. If all you do today is spend just 15 minutes in the company of Mother Nature, your doing you mind, body, spirit good and the environment good! Check this out: • Instead of taking the car, bus or taxi, take walk instead. On average, you’ll burn about 100 calories … Read More

Summer Travel and Handling Jet lag

Summer is in full swing and for many it’s vacation time. If your vacation consists of a long flight over several time zones, consider planning ahead so you can do your best to control circadian dysrhythmia (aka jet lag). Jet lag can affect your health and well-being by sapping energy, dulling cognition, and robbing you … Read More

Feel-good Exercise

Where is the best feel-good place to exercise? The outdoors, of course! Studies show that just looking at nature, plants, trees and grass make us feel better. Research is mounting on the many benefits of moving and immersing ourselves in natural outdoor settings like parks, open space, forests and beaches. The positive physical, emotional and … Read More

Maintain Your Energy—Don’t skip Breakfast

If you skip breakfast, listen up. Skipping breakfast can cause you to slow down, and lead to excess fat on your body. That’s because when you do finally get hungry around 12-1 o’clock, you may become ravenous and end up OVER eating, or even binging. Studies show that most people feel best when they eat … Read More

Your “To Be” List

Did you make your “To Do” List today? If you’re like most people, you have. But what about your “To Be” List? That’s right—You see, it’s a fact—most of us are great doers….and lousy “Be-ers.” That’s because today, human beings are busy, REAL busy; working that To Do list, getting things done—right? And sure, at … Read More

Fact—Injuries can happen. Here’s how to prevent them.

In Outdoor Fitness, most injuries can be avoided altogether by wearing proper clothes and shoes, by giving your body a full warm up and cool down, and by sticking to a gradual and progressive training program. Your most important tool for preventing injury is your concentration: moment-to-moment focus on the task at hand is the … Read More

Slashing your Stress Level in the Great Outdoors

As a culture, we are used to accepting stress as part of life. What we don’t often recognize are the physical effects of allowing stress to accompany us throughout our days. Your entire BodyMind system is directly affected by the physical, mental and emotional stresses of your daily life. Spending time outside enjoying nature is … Read More

How to Develop Mental Focus Control

Develop a “focus practice” to improve your performance on and off the trail. My Story: Rabbit Trails I first learned about the power of my thoughts while jogging on my favorite wooded trail. One moment, I’d be moving along at a steady clip, running smoothly and getting the job done. Then, the next moment, I … Read More

It’s never too late to build your bones

In a study published in Bone Journal, healthy men and women between the ages of 40 to 50 demonstrated that six months of resistance training can increase bone density, especially in the hip area. Those who engaged in high-intensity exercise (using greater resistance and jumping) showed the most improvement, and the leg press, overhead press … Read More

What is it about Outdoor Enthusiasts?

You find them everywhere—city parks to country roads, mountain peaks to coastal beaches; they don’t mind getting dirty, and they certainly don’t act their age! Along with their youthful glow, they like to hang in clusters, and they smile A LOT! Most will tell you it’s the fresh air, the tranquility and serenity that keeps … Read More

What is BodyMind and how can it improve your health?

BodyMind is seen as the integrated relationship between the body and the mind. Here’s some news that might surprise you: the BodyMind connection is not a mystical, otherworldly, nebulous thing. It really exists—and you don’t need to be a yogi to access it! There is now scientific evidence to support a centuries-old philosophy: that the … Read More

Visualize your greatness!

Turns out we really do have the ability to affect our performance through our thoughts. Professional athletes understand that mental rehearsal and attitude account for 80% or more of their performance. They comprehend that “thoughts are things”, and the emotions we attach to those thoughts, have a physiological affect. You see, when you visualize your … Read More

Protect Your Hearing – Listen up!

Headphones can inspire you to perspire—but studies show it may bring about hearing impairment. Wearing ear buds and headphones have the ability to cause damage to your ears just as other loud noises can. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the amount of time spent using headphones is as important as how loud … Read More

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