Maintain Your Energy—Don’t skip Breakfast

If you skip breakfast, listen up. Skipping breakfast can cause you to slow down, and lead to excess fat on your body. That’s because when you do finally get hungry around 12-1 o’clock, you may become ravenous and end up OVER eating, or even binging. Studies show that most people feel best when they eat … Read More

How’s your diet?

Do you opt for fresh over processed foods? You may be surprised to find out that eating well has nothing to do with time commitment. It really has to do with choice. Deciding to eat healthy, fresh food and having a plan of action to follow through. What’s more, it’s important to understand what’s really … Read More

Did you know that certain foods can boost your immunity?

It’s true. Experts say that by just eating a diet rich in fruits & vegetables and low in fat and sugar, can actually help ward off illness. That’s because poor nutrition can lead to an inflammatory response—weakening the immune system. Here are six foods that can help strengthen your immune system: • Yogurt—with its healthy … Read More

How Often Should I Eat?

Studies show that eating every few hours helps to manage hunger and over eating. For example, eating five times a day—three meals and two snacks—can be effective in maintaining or losing weight. That’s because you’re creating a metabolic reaction in your body that “stokes” the engine. Several studies have also shown that people who snack … Read More

Nutrition and Weight-loss – Quick Tip

Trying to cut out white foods like rice, pasta, and bread? You can use these products as substitutes. Pasta and Rice. A good substitute for pasta is a product on the market called “Shiratake” a Japanese noodle made of soluble plant fiber and soy. They are low in calories, carbohydrates and come in a variety … Read More

The Secret to Lifelong Weight Loss – Downloadable Podcast

Looking for a smart and practical way to finally lose weight and keep it off for life? Meet Dr. Lisa Young, nutritionist and New York University Professor featured in the movie Supersize Me and the author of the #1 Bestsellers, Finally Full, Finally Slim and The Portion Teller. Lisa will teach you how to “Smartsize” … Read More

Quick Question—How’s Your Diet?

Hope you said, Fresh, not frozen. Colorful, not beige. Locally produced, not processed and shipped. If you think you don’t “have time” to create healthy meals, think again! For inspiration, listen to this podcast on eating well.

Nutrition Corner – Beverage Choices and “Snack attacks”

What beverages are good, and which ones should I avoid? People spend so much time worrying about their food intake, they often tend to forget that what we drink can make or break our healthy plan. Sodas, sweet coffee drinks and alcohol all have calories, sugar and fat. • A Starbucks 16 ounce café mocha … Read More

Tap into the Power of Healthy Eating! – Downloadable Podcast

Confused about the foods you should eat – organic vs. non-organic, sports drinks vs. water, “light” foods vs. regular foods? If so, you’re not alone. What’s the best way to eat for health and fitness? Find out when you listen to Tina’s interview with one of the nation’s foremost experts on nutrition, weight loss and … Read More

Spring Clean Your Diet – Simple Rules to Eat By

Eating well is simple. It all begins with quality food. Click the icon to download and print the “Good Food” list. Make a List & Keep it Simple Simple, whole foods are your ticket to a great body, inside and out. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can be found in abundance wherever you live, and … Read More

Change your Body Composition—Eliminate Junk and Eat Intuitively

A remarkable thing happens when you eliminate the junk from your diet: The cravings for fatty, sugar-laden, and salty snacks will disappear. You will simply lose your taste for these foods—and when you do eat them, your new body will rebel in no uncertain terms, leaving you feeling unwell. Free of the cravings for processed … Read More

Body Composition Tip – Practice Portion Control

In Outdoor Fitness, we don’t count calories. Portion control takes the place of calorie counting, a simple method that you can use anytime, anywhere—no scribbling, no calculators, no numbers to remember. This doesn’t mean we ignore calories—you’ve got to understand the caloric value of the food you eat—but practicing portion control is the easiest and … Read More

It’s Winter. Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is one of the latest nutrients in the media spotlight, and for good reason. Technically not a “vitamin,” vitamin D is in a class by itself. Its metabolic product, calcitriol, is actually a hormone that targets over 2000 genes (about 10% of the human genome) in the human body. Problems linked to vitamin … Read More

Know What Your Body Needs For Nutrition

There’s no substitute for knowledge when it comes to learning how to eat well for a lifetime. Learn the basics of food and nutrition, and you take a big step forward in taking control of your health and re-shaping your body composition. Give ownership, power to choices you make by being informed. Look at your … Read More

For Strong Bones Get Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. Vitamin D has been shown to cut the risk of certain cancers by 40%, as well as prevent osteopenia and osteoporosis. In a Harvard study of 47,000 men, it was reported that vitamin D reduced the risks of cancers of the … Read More

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